Readings and the Courses

The readings for the various courses are from the Arkfeld Publications considered the "gold" standard for eDiscovery publications.

The *Publications include:

  • Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise and 
  • Best Practice Guides:
    •    Information Technology Primer for Lawyers
    •    ESI Pretrial Discovery - Strategy and Tactics
    •    Legal Hold
    •    Electronic Discovery and Evidence

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Reviews of our eDiscovery Publications

Treatise and Four Best Practice Guides

"Sets the Standard"

- Craig Ball, Attorney & Forensic Examiner

"Michael Arkfeld's treatise on e-Discovery is peerless among print publications. No other volume offers the encyclopedic treatment of the topic and its depth and breadth of scholarship. Michael Arkfeld lucidly weaves practical knowledge gleaned from years at the bar with a professorial commitment to case law and best practices. Though books on fast-moving topics are obsolete almost from the moment of publication, the loose-leaf format and ancillary online resources of the Arkfeld work insure that it can continue to deliver the best features of both media.

Michael Arkfeld's book sets the standard by which all its successors are judged, and it has yet to be supplanted as the seminal work in the field. If you buy one book on electronic discovery, this is the one to buy."

"Inescapable Part of your Law Practice"

Mark S. Sidoti, Esq., Gibbons P.C.

"[Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence]...quickly became the e-Discovery bible for practitioners, jurists, and everyone interested in the exploding area of the law...If e-Discovery is becoming an inescapable part of your law practice, I unreservedly recommend that the Electronic Discovery and Evidence treatise, guides, and CD-ROM be on your book shelf, in your briefcase, and loaded onto your computer."

"Extraordinarily Useful"

Browning E. Marean III

"Mr. Arkfeld's treatise on Electronic Discovery and Evidence is an extraordinarily useful, practical and accessible guide to an emerging and critical area of discovery."

"Great PreTrial and Trial Advantage"

Michael C. Manning, Partner, Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP.

"Many of us have not moved as rapidly into the computer/electronic age as quickly as have our clients and our litigation adversaries. Electronic discovery is already more important in today's cases than our old-time paper discovery. Mr. Arkfeld's book is a magnificent resource that will give its readers a great pretrial and trial advantage.".

"Excellent Reference"

George Socha, Esq., Socha Consulting, LLC

"Michael Arkfeld's Electronic Discovery and Evidence serves as a solid digital discovery reference resource, packed full of detailed information and replete with case citations...Electronic Discovery and Evidence is a compendium of information about electronic discovery, from overviews to minutia . . . . It makes an excellent reference resource for attorneys and their support staff. It also is of value to the forensic service bureaus catering to those attorneys."

Features and Benefits

This essential work has been purchased by more than 16,000 of the top law firms, corporations, service bureaus, government organizations, courts and law libraries in the country.

The Only Complete and Continually Updated eDiscovery Reference Source (treatise updated twice a year, Best Practices Guide once a year

  • Clear and easy-to-read explanations of technological and legal concepts

  • Authoritative discussion of court rules and digest of federal and state cases

  • Best Practices, Legal Forms, Meet & Confer checklist, "Information Technology" questions, and much more

  • Treatise updated twice a year, Best Practice Guides updated annually

  • Available in a variety of print and electronic formats

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