Course Overview

For those legal professionals that are more interested in a deliberate, practical application of eDiscovery knowledge, this new EDEC course, is just for you.

EDEC has created a completely new course to explore how eDiscovery is used in pretrial in eight straightforward phases that will outline exactly how you can use this knowledge to protect your clients and yourself, ensure compliance from the opposing counsel, and avoid losing cases unnecessarily.

How Is This Course Different?

While the original basic and advanced EDEC's courses cover the theoretical and strategic issues around IT and Legal issues in eDiscovery, the Eight Phases course will help legal professionals apply this information in a phased approach to turn their knowledge into victories.

The purpose of the Best Practice Guide - Electronic Discovery and Evidence, which accompanies the course is to offer an overview, workbook and forms for the myriad of legal and technology issues that need to be addressed whether you are requesting or producing “electronically stored information” (ESI).

This workbook will provide a plan and pretrial phases in discovering and disclosing ESI.


Course curriculum

  • 2

    Chapter 1- Overview of Electronic Discovery

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Legal Limitations, Protections and Procedural Rules

    • Part 1 - Rules Checklist, Rules 1 (Just and Speedy),12 (Definite statement), and 16 (Pretrial Conf.) (11 mins.)

    • Part 2 - FRE 502 (Nonwaiver or clawback agreement), FRCP 26 (Initial Disclosures, Scope, Proportionality, Not Reasonably Accessible, Burdensome, and Meet & Confer) (13 mins.)

    • Part 3 - Rule 26(f) (Meet & Confer), Rule 26(g) (Certification), Rule 33 (Interrogs.), Rule 34 (Produce), Rule 37 (Sanctions), and Rule 45 (3rd Party) (9 mins.)

    • Part 4 - Overview - Phases of eDiscovery, Checklists, Best Practices, etc. (12 Mins.)

  • 4

    The Eight Phases of eDiscovery

    • Overview - The Eight Phases eDiscovery Pretrial Guidelines Model (“EPGM”)

  • 5

    Phase 1 - Access eDiscovery Resources and Coordinate with Litigation Support

    • Phase 1 - Access eDiscovery Resources and Coordinate with Litigation Support (12 mins.)

  • 6

    Phase 2 - Issue Legal Hold: Triggering Date, Claims and Defenses and Legal Hold Notice

    • Issue Legal Hold: Triggering Date, Claims and Defenses and Legal Hold Notice (22 minutes)

  • 7

    Phase 3 - Monitor Your Client’s Disclosure of ESI and Paper

    • Monitor Your Client’s Disclosure of ESI and Paper (15 mins.)

  • 8

    Phase 4 - Identify and Search for Responsive ESI and Paper

    • Part 1 - Identify, Issues, BigData and Internet of Things (IOT) (10 mins.)

    • Part 2 - Identify, Search Standard, Early Assessment, and IT Structure (9 mins.)

    • Animation - Partner Seeking Help On e-Discovery Search From Litigation Support (3 mins.)

    • Part 3 - Identify, Claims, Types, Locations, Data and Hardware Maps, and Application Software (7 mins.)

    • Part 4 - Identify Witnesses, Global Data, Best Practices and Forms (11 mins.)

    • Part 5 - Search Standard, Myth, Technology, Process, Checklists, and Forms

  • 9

    Phase 5 - Preserve and Collect ESI and Paper

    • Preserve - Introduction, Over Preservation and, 3rd Parties (9 mins.)

    • Collect - Part 1 - Standard, Default, Hash and Methods (14 mins.)

    • Collect - Part 2 - Metadata, Rules, and Methods (10 mins.)

    • Collect - Part 3 - Quality Control, Retention, and Best Practices (8 mins.)

  • 10

    Phase 6 - Process, Filter, and Legal Limitations

    • Part 1 - Processing Considerations, Platform, and Flow (10 mins.)

    • Part 2 - Filtering, Legal Limitations, Nested, and other Issues (15 mins.)

    • Animation - Litigation Support Blues II - The Ghost Attachment Protocol (2 mins.)

  • 11

    Phase 7 - Review, Analyze and Produce ESI and Paper

    • Part 1 - Review Considerations (11 mins.)

    • Part 2 - Analyze (6 mins.)

    • Part 3 - Production and Forms (15 mins.)

    • Part 4 - Privilege. Clawback, Checklists and Forms (11 mins.)

  • 12

    Phase 8 - Admit ESI and Paper

    • Part 1 - Introduction and FRE Rules (8 mins.)

    • Part 2 - Rules 502, 702, 801 and 902 (10 mins.)

    • Part 3 - 1002, Checklists and Summary (9 mins.)

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