Course Overview

The next Master Course will begin February 8, 2022 and run for 10 weeks. Live sessions will be held Tuesdays from 1:00pm - 2:30pm and recordings are available if you are unable to attend. Register today to save your spot.

Today, discovery and production of electronic evidence is a vital part of litigation. Legal professionals are faced with a changing format of evidence - evidence created and stored electronically. Now, emails, metadata, social networking sites, text messaging, word processing documents, spreadsheets, and other electronic files are the "smoking guns" of evidence.

Consequences of eDiscovery Incompetence

Failing to discover or produce electronic evidence can lead to consequences for practitioners including court sanctions, losing an otherwise winnable case, ethics disciplinary action and malpractice claims. With the implementation of the amended federal rules, state rules and case law regarding electronic discovery and evidence, legal professionals must respond and adapt to our changing litigation environment.

10-Weeks to eDiscovery Competence

The Master eDiscovery Course is a unique learning experience targeted to these present and emerging issues. The Course's ten week curriculum will give you an in-depth and structured look at the technological and legal issues affecting electronic discovery and evidence. This course features an online live, interactive instructional approach; instructional on-demand videos, factual scenarios, and pre and post tests which are designed to engage you in active learning methodologies. The class size will be limited to 25 students. Michael Arkfeld will be the primary instructor for this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to: 

  • Understand the ethical implications and consequences for failure to preserve data
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basics of information technology and electronic discovery
  • Understand when to use computer forensics in eDiscovery cases
  • Establish an appropriate legal hold
  • Counsel clients in regard to the retention and preservation of ESI
  • Negotiate eDiscovery compliance with the opposing party
  • Grasp and apply the federal and state rules and caselaw that govern the world of eDiscovery
  • Identify, request, process, respond and admit ESI
  • Understand the foundational requirements for admission of electronic evidence

Featured Guest Speakers

We are excited to announce that this session will feature 6 insightful guest speakers throughout our live classes. The speakers range from Judges, to professors, to practitioners with a diverse range of eDiscovery specialties. The speakers will provide unique perspectives and real-world application of eDiscovery theory to build a broader understanding for our students. The guest speakers will include:

Judge John Facciola, Georgetown University

Sean Cotulla, CA Dept. of Justice

Gene Polk, BannerHealth

Tom O'Connor, Independent Litigation Technology Consultant

Judge Ron Hedges (ret.), Dentons

 Mark Sidoti, Gibbon, P.C. and Seton Hall


This readings for this course are from the various Arkfeld publicationsYou may already have them available through your organization's Lexis Advance online legal research subscription or it may be in your library. 

Otherwise, the Publications may be purchased at a 30% discount, in a variety of formats, through the Lexis Nexis store. After the discount, the cost of the publications is approximately $275. To save 30% on this and other publications in the collection of Arkfeld on Electronic Discovery and Evidence (4th ed.) treatise and Arkfeld’s Best Practice Guides, please reference or enter promotion code: 2022EDEC30. To order visit the LexisNexis store at <>. If you have further questions, call 800.223.1940 to speak with a LexisNexis® account representative.

What is Expected to Complete the Course?

Students will be expected to attend 11 live instructional sessions with Michael Arkfeld, exact dates and times TBA. 

Prior to each session, students will complete their weekly on-demand videos, readings, quizzes, and assignments and are expected to come to class prepared to discuss and apply their study. 

There will be assignments throughout the course that students complete outside class and bring into the class ready to discuss. 

There will be a final exam to test students knowledge and to secure their final certification. 

Upon completion, students will earn a certification and be able to apply for CLE credit.

We look forward to your participation. If you have any questions, contact me at or

What's Included in the Course

This Course provides you with the opportunity to interact with the primary instructor, Michael Arkfeld, former litigator and acclaimed author and speaker, through our live online sessions.

In addition, the Course provides you access to:
  • Instruction on technological concepts and eDiscovery legal principles

  • An interactive, innovative live teaching platform

  • Complete access to all Courses on the Arkfeld eDiscovery Center web site

  • On-demand "Advanced" and/or "Basic" eDiscovery videos.

  • Real-world scenarios to help you apply your new learning

  • Pre- and post-tests to help you check your progress in the class

  • CLE Eligible

  • Master Certificate - Arkfeld eDiscovery Course will be awarded upon meeting the course requirements

  • Free set of Arkfeld Publications (while supplies last)